24: 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

This episode was kind of a dud for me.  I feel like that is how 24 likes to do things.  A cool episode that gets you excited and then a slow, boring one.  I thought for sure there would be tons of action and there was some, but not what I was expecting.

At least we did get to see Jack go back to his torturing ways.  Well just a bit.  He grabs Simone’s nub of a finger and gives it a good squeeze.  He is able to turn her after a bit of convincing, which Margot has to make the tough choice and kill her own daughter.  Although, the hitman fails and she just sends a drone to destroy the hospital or blow up Jack’s car.  Naturally, a drone is no match for Jack Bauer.  I feel like there is a message there about liberals being pussies or something…

The other big thing about the episode was President Heller basically giving up.  He calls Margot and we learn that he will give himself up.  That was after calling Jack, who tells the President that they are screwed and he has no way to save the day.  That was a new reaction from Jack.  I am guessing he will come up with something next week in order to rescue the planet.

It turns out that the guy directing Steve is actually Adrian.  Steve sends that programmer guy on a mission (I kind of zoned out on this story, sorry) and he is supposed to die or something.  I do not think he died and he will probably end up bringing Steve down or he will realize that if he does that, Agent Kate’s husband could be released (unless he is dead) and he would have no shot with her.  Not that he does since Jack is in the picture now.

I am still half-expecting Jack to foil the drone plan and some other villain to pop up, but with only five episodes left, it just does not seem possible.  For once we could end up with a fairly straightforward plot and a regular villain.  The only thing that bothers me is how easily Margot is able to just kill her daughter.  I mean, her reason for hating Heller is that the drone strikes killed some kids and her husband (right?), yet she is so hateful that she will sacrifice her own daughter?  I do not know, that seems a little weird to me.

Okay, so next week should be better.  Jack will have to talk the President out of giving himself up, which means he will be told “you have one hour Jack to find Margot.”  That is all the motivation Jack Bauer needs…