24: 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Bravo show writers!  You had me fooled.  I thought for sure that President Heller was dead.  Maybe I missed something during the episode, but it did not seem like this was given away and if it was, it was not blatant.  When Margot’s son realizes they have been duped, I got quite excited.

This brings us to the best part of the episode and also one of the more shocking moments.  I mean, Jack has killed his fair share of people, usually in some pretty awesome ways, but his battle with Margot was a little weird.

First he pulls her son through the window and tosses him to his death.  He then shoots Margot in the shoulder and has her in custody, but instead of handing her over to the CIA or some other red-tape agency, he decides to take justice into his own hands.  He throws her out the window as well.  Jack does not give her a chance to escape and come back with a vengeance.

I loved over at the AV Club, they ask how Jack can ever go back to normal society.  Can you imagine the first time a waitress screws up his breakfast order?  “WHERE ARE MY GRITS???  YOU WILL TELL ME NOW!”  And then he shoots her in the knee.  Quite scary.  Or just a normal day in the restaurant business.

Steve is revealed as the mole.  I think Jack should have shot him the moment he was being all sketchy about Jack using a contact to find out the hitman’s identity.  I loved how Jack says “guess we will see who gets results first.”  Unfortunately, when Jack realizes something is amiss, he does what he always does, inform no one, knock out the guard, and go after the guy himself.  Had he alerted the guards, they may have been able to secure things a bit quicker or at least help him.  Oh well, that’s Jack’s way.

And now Adrian has the device.  It can actually take control of any weapon’s system.  Making it probably the most useful thing in the world.  I wonder who he is going to sell it to.  My guess is the Chinese, Jack still owes them a few.  Or maybe the Russians because, well sneaky fuckin’ Russians.  Something tells me that it will be Chloe who will save the day.  Or she will at least catch on to some shady shit and give Jack another call.

At this point, I really have no clue how this show will end.  Could they end up killing off Jack or do they want to give him a happy ending (hehe, I am childish)?  It looks like Audrey still has feelings for him and Chloe made a comment about Jack getting back to his family (which is just his daughter, right?), but c’mon, there is no going back for Jack.