Game of Thrones: Some Fun Stuff

Here are some awesome GoT things for your viewing pleasure…

I noticed some people complaining about the ridiculousness of Arya and The Hound getting to The Bloody Gate, telling the guards who they are and then getting dismissed.  People seem to think that the guards would have immediately informed Petyr and that Sansa and Arya would have been reunited.  Allow me to retort…

Why would some common guard in the Vale know the name Arya Stark?  Do you really think common folks know all the shitty children of lords all over Westeros?  He is a guard, his job is to keep people out of the Vale.  They probably have a list of who is expected and allowed to pass.  Arya and Sandor Clegane are not on that list.

Also, at that moment, Lysa is dead and the Lords Declarant are trying to figure out what happened.  They believe Petyr had something to do with it.  They also have no clue that Sansa Stark is in the Eyrie.  So that means the guards have no real clue who is leading them, just that they are to protect Lord Robin.  Here is how I think the next scene went down after Arya stopped laughing:

Guard:  Who did you say you were again?
Hound:  I am Sandor Clegane and this is Arya Stark, niece of Lysa Arryn.
Guard:  Riiiiighhhhtttt!  You’re the Hound?  I heard he was like ten feet tall!
Hound:  That is my brother, Gregor.
Guard:  Oh yeah, and I am Ser Duncan the Tall!  And who is this little shit with you?  Arya Stark?  All the Starks are dead.
Hound:  No, I saved her.
Guard:  Look pal, you are not the first person to come here claiming to have one of those stupid Stark kids, hoping Lady Lysa, may the Seven bless her, will pay a ransom.  Now get the fuck out of here.
Hound:  Do you have any chickens?
Guard:  What the fuck are you on about?  Wait a second, if you are Sandor Clegane, there is a huge bounty on your head.
Hound:  Umm, never mind.  You can keep the chickens.  And I was kidding.  My name is Trant, Meryn Fuckin’ Trant.
Guard:  Well whoever you are, get the fuck outta here.  And take that ugly little boy with ya!
Arya:  What’s your name?
Guard:  Leonard, why?
Arya:  No reason, just adding you to a list…
Hound:  For calling you an ugly boy?
Arya:  For bein’ a cunt.
Hound:  HAHAHAHA, I have trained you well!