The Jason Grilli Trade

I would like to thank Jason Grilli for his three and half seasons of excellent work for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He was always fun to watch and he definitely seemed like a helluva guy.  He will be missed and remembered!  Good luck with the Angels!

There was no greater feeling than watching Grilli record the last out against the Reds in the Wild Card game.  You can just see the excitement on his face.  It sucks that he is gone, but that is what happens is sports.  He was losing his effectiveness.  They went out and traded for a guy who they think can be effective.

Instead of saying something about this being a business, I will just say this:  remember Joel Hanrahan?  Does anyone remember that guy?  He was awesome.  Hell, one of my favorite games before the Wild Card was seeing him shut down the Red Sox in a 6-4 June victory.  Remember when he was traded to the Red Sox for some bum named Melancon?  The guy who had sucked for them?  That the front office was crazy for putting their faith in Jason Grilli!  That seemed to work out pretty well.

So now we have this guy named Ernesto Frieri, who has had some troubles this season, but is pretty young and has a great fastball.  Remember how people were upset when we traded for Joel Hanrahan.  We gave up…umm, someone.  Obviously I remember, it was Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett for Hanrahan and Lastings Milledge.  People were pissed about losing Morgan, then everyone found out he was a dickbag.  Funny how that works.

Sorry, that became a bit of a rambling mess.  My point is this:  fans like to get worked up over these trades.  I get it.  I hate to see a guy go, it really does make me sad.  Then something cool will happen.  Frieri will have a few good outings and they will put him into a setup role, where he will slam the door shut so that Melancon can come in and get the save.  Then everyone will love the guy.  At least that is what I hope happens because that means the Buccos are winning games!