The Pain of Walmart

I found a bunch of pictures at my Mom’s house that I wanted to scan and put on my computer.  I figured that you could just go to Walmart and give them the photos and they would scan them for you.  Well I was close, they have a scanner and you get to do it yourself.

The first batch I did, I decided to have them put on a CD and then bring the disc home to move the pictures to my computer.  The second batch, I saw that there was an option to have them put on the Walmart website and I could just download them from there.  That seemed like the best choice, I mean, it should be pretty instantaneous, right?

Well after I finished scanning them, I took the receipt that the computer spit out up to the girl at the counter and asked her if I could pay now instead of in an hour.  This is how the conversation went:

Me:  Can I just pay for this now and get whatever I need to download these from the site?
Girl:  No, unfortunately you will have to come back after an hour in order to pay.  That way it will have the information you need to get them from the upload site.
Me:  Oh, okay, kind of inconvenient, but I guess I will be back.

So, Lindsey and I went to the movies and on the way back, we stopped back at Walmart.  This time I get a different lady.

Lady:  Can I help you?
Me:  I need to pay for my pictures.  Last name is Croyle.
Lady:  What do you need?
Me:  I forgot my ticket, but the last name is Croyle.
Lady:  Yeah, but what is it for.
Me:  Oh, I did the upload pictures.
Lady:  Pictures?  You are picking up PICK-CHURS?
Me:  (looks around, makes sure I am in the photo department)  Umm, yeah.  Last name is Croyle.
Lady:  (starts looking through all the picture envelopes)  I don’t see no Corl.
Me:  It’s Croyle.  And there would not be any pictures.  I came in, scanned them and had them saved to the website.
Lady:  The website?
Me:  Yeah, it was one of the options.
Another Lady:  Did you have them put on a disk?
Me:  No, instead of the CD, I chose the web upload option.  I figured it would save time and be better for the environment.
Lady:  (continues to look through the envelopes)  no, nothin’ for Corl.
Another Lady:  There wouldn’t be anything in there.
Lady:  Oh…(goes to computer, looks up my name).  It says there is only one picture.  How many pictures didju get?
Me:  No, I did not get any pictures.  I brought pictures in and scanned them myself.
Lady:  (comes around the counter and has me follow her to the machine)  Did you use this machine here?
Me:  Yes, I scanned the photographs I brought with me.  It printed a ticket and when I asked the girl here earlier, she said I had to come back to pick something up.
Lady:  (goes back to the counter)  There is nothin’ here.  And the computer says you have one picture.  You should check online.
Another Lady:  Yeah, they should be online.
Me:  The other girl said I had to come back in order to get something so I could access them from the website.
Lady:  Well let me check again (starts rummaging through the envelopes again)
Me:  Never mind.  I will just go home and get the ticket.
Both Ladies:  Oh yeah, if you have that ticket it would really help.

It would have been easier to just buy a scanner and do the whole thing myself at home.