2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Fifteen

Damn, nothing like getting your ass kicked by Ryan.  That is always the worst feeling in the world.  I also hate the stupid All-Star Week.  We had a full week, then you get to add the rest of that short week.  Ryan had such a commanding lead that even though my team played very well the last three days, it did not really matter.

Eric Hosmer was my best hitter for the week (8/2/7/0/.436/.500).  He blew up during the second half last year, so it would be very nice if that happened again.  Obviously Jose Altuve (8/1/5/3/.325/.333) was fantastic, he has been fantastic all season.  Yasiel Puig had a decent week as well, but nothing spectacular.  The rest of my guys were pretty crappy.

My pitching was pretty good, but Ryan’s managed to be just a bit better.  We traded off on Holds and Saves and I beat him on the Wins, but he destroyed me on Strikeouts.  Also, his ERA and WHIP were phenomenal.  For me, Corey Kluber was great:  two wins, fifteen strikeouts, 3.68/1.23.  Pat Neshek showed why he was an all-star, two wins and two holds.  Jason Grilli also picked up a win and two holds, nice to see him having a good week.

I am now in third place with a 96-75-9 record.  Ryan is back in first place with Gideon technically tied with him, but I am guessing division record comes into play.  Gideon beat Lindsey 8-3-1, which keeps her in 8th place.  I take her on this week, so it should be a tense week at our place.  Hopefully I can survive and defeat her enough to make up the 7.5 games I am behind those two…