2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Fourteen

Gideon pointed something out last week that is pretty amazing.  It was first place versus second, third versus four, etc.  The entire way down.  And as you can see, I beat Gideon, and yet for the second time this year, I beat the guy in first place, but do not manage to rise in the standings.  In fact, I dropped to third place because Ryan beat up on Pat.  Obviously Pat let him have a big win because it was Ryan’s birthday.

My hitting was pretty good and for the first time all season, Jose Altuve had a subpar week.  I know, it was weird.  George Springer had a nice line if you do not look at his rate stats (3/2/5/3/.154/.267).  I mean, he either hit a home run or ended up on first and stole a base.  You never see a guy have three stolen bases and two home runs, with an OBP under .300.  Well I guess I should not say never.

My pitching was pretty damn awesome this week.  Nine holds, six wins.  What is not to like about that?  Oh, what’s that you say?  A 1.94 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP?  Yeah, that is pretty damn awesome indeed.  Corey Kluber had two nice starts, picking up a win and fifteen strikeouts.  The middle relievers did not give up a run and had nine strikeouts to go with those nine holds.  Oh and one of them picked up a save.  So needless to say, I might need a closer (although, if Chapman is hurt, Broxton could be in line for some opportunities).

One of the nice things was that Brandon Belt came off the disabled list finally.  I was able to drop Singleton.  Not saying that Belt will be on fire or anything, but since the Hosmer plan is backfiring (again), I need a first baseman with some pop (until Trumbo returns).  Weird how so much of my plan was dependent on those guys having nice seasons.  Oh well, I am still doing fine.

I am two games behind Gideon and only 1.5 behind Ryan, who I take on this week.  I am currently 93-66-9.  Lindsey lost this week to Imler and she is now 76-81-11.