24: 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 a.m.

This season has been absolutely fantastic.  I said hundreds of times that this show would work better if they cut down the number of episodes.  They listened to me and it worked out quite well.  There were still some silly things this season and even during the finale, but the great moments trumped them.  Speaking of all those moments, here are the best and worst from last night’s conclusion.

-Jack’s assault of the boat was incredible.  That was probably the best attack we have seen.  First he has the support of Chloe with a little help from Bellcheck.  They take out the guards like it is nothing.  Then they split up and Chloe is blocked.  These things do not slow Jack Bauer down.

The only thing that can slow him down is the news about Audrey.  He does not take it well.  He collapses to the ground and pulls out his pistol.  It seriously looks like he is about to shoot himself.  Then he hears the guards coming and he snaps.  He goes on full Jack rampage mode.  It is amazing.  He kills one guy with a meat cleaver.  He then beats the crap out of Cheng and stops WWIII.

Oh and once he is done recording Cheng, he takes a sword and cuts his head off.  Why was there a sword just sitting on a Russian boat?  Not a clue, but I am glad it was there.  I believe that was Jack’s first sword kill.  It was worth the wait.

-Speaking of Audrey.  She died.  Not by the sniper though.  Agent Kate is able to save her and as they are escaping, Audrey is shot by a second shooter.  It seemed a little weak in my opinion.  I mean, the end result of Jack going bezerk was worth it, but the way the Chinese shooter just comes out of nowhere and then a car picks him up was so bizarre.

-Her death definitely had the effect it was meant to have on other characters though.  The President collapses upon hearing it and then gives a weird speech to the Prime Minister.  He basically says that since he is losing his memory, that he will soon forget about Audrey and how she died.

-The Russians nab Chloe and force Jack to give himself up in exchange for her.  Earlier in the episode when Jack brings her back into the fold, she says that she is Jack’s only friend.  As they pass, Jack grabs her hand and says that she is his best friend.

I was very afraid that Chloe might die at the end of the episode, especially since she needed to atone for her sins, but this was a much better ending for her.  Also, seeing Jack on that helicopter, almost smiling that he is about to go to Russia and tortured to death was a very nice way to end the show.  Or at least leave it open enough for another season.

So now the season is over.  Life is back to being fairly dull.