24: 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

For some reason, I could just not get into this episode.  I think it had to do with Agent Kate telling Jack to shoot the propane tanks.  I am sorry, but Jack Bauer does not need to be told what explosive objects to shoot, he does the telling.  I know that seems like something stupid to get hung up on, but after all these seasons, we always see Jack as the guy who knows what to do in every situation and then all of a sudden he has no clue and Agent Kate has to be like “hey man, just shoot the propane tanks.”

That being said, the ending was definitely good.  Even if it was a bit odd.  I will get to that in a second.  First, I want to mention the weird phone call between Audrey and Jack.  Basically Jack figures out that Mark gave the Russians his information, which leads Jack to the conclusion that Mark must be working with the Russians and Cheng.  Jack never asks, but it is implied heavily that if he needs to torture Mark, Audrey is okay with it.  She saw Jack torture her ex-husband, why not her new husband as well.

Luckily Jack is able to get the information by just pointing a gun at Mark.  He never just says “I was jealous and wanted Jack out of the picture so my wife would go back to boning me.”  Instead, he pisses President Heller off by saying “yeah, I forged your name, but it is my job to get my hands dirty when you cannot.”  Sounds like Mark has been forging the President’s name quite often.

They head to the Russian’s base of operations and once inside, Mark kills the Russian.  Or something like that happened, I may have zoned out.  It was after that though that another nice twist happened.  Audrey is out meeting with some Chinese diplomat, but her discussion is interrupted when a sniper takes out her guards and kills the Chinese woman.  Audrey then receives a phone call from Cheng, who tells her that if she tries to run or anything he will put a bullet in her head.

How the hell did Cheng know Audrey (or anyone) would meet with that woman?  Does he have snipers following all the Chinese people living in London?  Or did he send someone to follow Audrey?  Speaking of the woman who was once a drooling mess because of her torture at the hands of Cheng, why would she even leave the building once she finds out her torturer is still alive and in the city?

I am guessing that Cheng will take her hostage and Jack will have to make a daring rescue.  He will probably kill something like 92 people while saving her.  Somehow Chloe will redeem herself and go back to working with the government (she was pretty badass beating up Cheng’s men with that pipe).  President Heller will convince the Chinese President that war is bad (or he will just nuke them and be done with the whole problem).  Actually, if I were the President, I would order a full nuclear strike on China and Russia, then claim not to remember it.  That would be a funny way to end it…