A Busy Weekend…

This past weekend was pretty busy for Lindsey and I. Here is the timeline of our days:

0730:  Lindsey wakes up and goes for a run.  I stay in bed because running is lame.
0800:  Lindsey returns, starts to get a shower and get ready for the day.
0830:  Lindsey comes over and yells at me to wake up.  I get up and grumble about being tired.  I put in my contacts, trim my beard, then hop in the shower.
0900:  I pack my bag.  I think Lindsey is already packed or something.
0930:  She continues to get ready.  I think she is still naked at this point.  She swears she will be ready by 10:00.  I highly doubt it.
0940:  I take out the trash and fold the laundry.  Lindsey yells at me to put my clothes away.  Ugh, who wants to put their clothes away?  That is never fun.  I grumble some more about it and begrudgingly do it.  Lindsey is still naked.  Why is she not getting dressed?
1000:  She is now dressed!  Oh my god, we may leave soon.  I am really hungry.
1010:  She comes downstairs and freaks out that I did not put her clothes away.  I never put her clothes away.  She rushes around like a maniac putting them away.
1020:  We are about to leave.  I load up the car and she gets in.  We start to back out when she realizes she forgot something.  I pull back in and she runs into the house.
1024:  We are finally on the road.  GPS always tells us to go to Altoona, but we never do that.  We go through Johnstown.
1041:  Arrive at Perkins.  Eat breakfast.  I had the smokehouse breakfast thing.  It was okay.  The brisket was very dry (why would I trust Perkins to do brisket well?).
1146:  Leave Perkins, stop at Sheetz for gas and windshield wiper fluid.  I clean my windshield as well.  I bet you are glad to be reading all of these fun details!

1158:  The trip has begun.
1343:  Stop at a rest stop in Maryland.  Lindsey had to pee.  I get a drink.
1541:  Lindsey has to go to the restroom again.  This time it is not to pee.  She does not think she can make it 15 more minutes until we hit the hotel.  We find a tiny gas station and she runs inside.   Crisis averted.
1600:  Arrive at the Best Western
1610:  I iron my clothes.  I plan on wearing linen pants and a polo.  They are very wrinkled from being in a suitcase.  Lindsey changes into her dress.
1645:  We are ready to leave the hotel and head to her friend, Laura’s house.  She is having a party to celebrate her wedding.  They had a small wedding and this was like a small get together for friends and family.
1700:  We arrive at the house.  It is a very nice house.  They have a tiki bar set up and Lindsey immediately starts hammering back Mojitos.
1845:  We sit down to eat.  They had a pig roast and the food was awesome.
1930:   The party continues, we meet all sorts of nice people.  It was a bit weird since Lindsey was one of the friends from IUP and most of the other people were from a bunch of different places.  We knew no one, but after a few drinks, that started to change.

This is the huge corn hole setup they had.  We watched a few games, but never got a chance to play.  I guess this was a swimming pool that they took out.  I have no clue what they use it for when they are not hosting parties.
2200:  We are both tired and we have to get up early.  I realized I was starting to get a little drunk, so I stopped drinking.  We make our way back to the Best Western.  Fortunately the hotel is very close and the road to it is definitely a country road.  I was fine to drive, but would not want to be pulled over or try to drive on I-95.
2230:  We are both sound asleep.

0650:  The alarm goes off.  Lindsey gets up and gets a shower.
0714:  She yells at me to wake up.  I roll out of bed and hop in the shower.
0723:  I am dressed and completely packed.  Just waiting for her to get moving.
0736:  Lindsey is mostly packed.  We leave the room and check out.
0745:  We are on our way.  Maybe Lindsey should have to leave early in the morning, she seems to move much faster.

1003:  Stop at Sheetz outside of Harrisburg.  Not enough time for breakfast, but figured it would be plenty of time for a coffee and donut.  Sadly, this is the slowest Sheetz ever.  It takes 23 minutes to get my caramel latte (yeah, I like them better than Sheetz coffee, sue me!).
1027:  We leave Sheetz, now we are in a time crunch.  Lindsey freaks out over little things.  Apparently she is getting stressed.
1029:  Lindsey is trying to change her nail polish.  Yells at me repeatedly for hitting bumps.
1149:  Enter State College.  Lindsey and I have a nice discussion about the Champs fiasco and how it was ridiculous.  I guess we are done being mad at each other.
1221:  We arrive at my mom’s house.  I have to use the restroom.  A similar situation to Lindsey’s the day before.  I help them load the gifts into my mom’s car.  I then run inside and relieve myself if you know what I mean.
1245:  I call my brother and decide to head up to his house.
1325:  We go up to the Elks.  That is where mom and Lindsey are at.  Today is Lora’s bridal shower.  It also happens to be Adam’s birthday.  We drink a few beers and talk about some stuff.
1500:  The shower is over.  Adam and I get to load up the car.  They seem to like the gift that we made for them.  It is 12 dates, one for each month of their first year of marriage.  They get to open a new one on the first of every month.  I know, I am very creative.
1553:  We go back outside and drink some more beers and have some nice family time.

1741:  We leave the Elks.  I have only had four beers in the six hours of hanging out so I am quite alright to drive.  Although, as we start driving, we realize that we are hungry.
1821:  Stop at Panera Bread in Altoona.  I have a tuna sandwich and some corn chowder.  I love that soup.
1930:  Finally arrive at our place.  I am pretty much exhausted.  We unload the car and unpack some of the stuff.  Watch a little television and just relax on the couch.
2330:  We are passed out in bed.

We had a very fun weekend, it was great seeing people.  It was also nice being out of the area.  I almost made it to Delaware.  We were not that far away, but sadly we did not have enough time to make a detour into the first state.  I know, I dream big.