The Alien Hunter and Lake Michigan

Remember when I wrote about Derrel Sims, the Alien Hunter?  Well I was watching a crappy UFO show called Uncovering Aliens and Sims is one of the investigators.  Just watch these clips to witness his badassery (I invented that word).

Look at the way he throws that branch out of the way or how he kicks that stick that was dumb enough to stand in his way of finding the alien base hidden in a tiny stream.

I love that he is using a UV flashlight.  Isn’t that what all those investigators use to show how much semen is in a hotel room?  So basically, either there were aliens in her room, or she needs to stop giving guys HJs when her mom is at work.

And his advice for how to stop an alien?  Think of something silly, that will confuse them.  Or, put your arm around one and while it is freaked out, rip off it’s eyelids.  That works all the time.  The way he says it makes it seem like not only does he know one woman who has done this, but that it happens so often that it is old news for him.