The Future is Here

Sometimes I think we take for granted how this world is now so futuristic.  We have unlimited information at our fingertips, hell, we can just speak into a little box and learn about any subject we want.  That is amazing!

What got me thinking about this was making coffee today.  I remember watching sci-fi movies and the characters would hit a button and a drink would just magically appear.  As I made a cup of coffee today with our Keurig, I realized this is the future.  I hit a button and boom, I have a coffee.

Granted, making coffee is not a very time consuming, difficult thing, but if you wanted to make one cup, it was usually a bit of a pain.  Now you just pop in a little cup and then a few seconds later, you have a cup.

So what are some of your favorite technological achievements that make you feel like you live in a science fiction movie?