The New Wonder Woman

This is the image of Wonder Woman that Zack Snyder released the other day.

My initial reaction was “huh, grim and gritty”, but then I realized that all of his still still shots and posters look like this.  He only has one filter.  So I guess there is no reason to be surprised.

I read some of the many complaints fans have raised about this image and decided that I should post my thoughts about them:

1.  She is not built enough.

I guess people expected her to get completely ripped and look like a female body-builder.  They keep saying “she is an Amazonian princess.”  That’s cool, but her powers are supernatural.  Depending on the origin they use, she most likely has a connection to the Greek gods.  She does not need to do squats in order to lift a car with ease.

Also, they keep forgetting that she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world (and do not start giving me crap for not thinking a muscle-bound woman is beautiful).  Gail Gadot fits the bill.  And it’s not like she is totally tiny or anything.

2.  High Heels

High heels are impractical in a fight.  That might be true, but we are talking about a super-powered alien, a guy dressed up in a bat, and a girl who could be the daughter of a god.  And people are worried about realism?  Get fuckin’ real here.  If she has super-strength, super-speed, and super-agility, then I am sure she can handle fighting someone while wearing stripper boots.

3.  Why does her outfit not cover her thighs or shoulders?

I don’t know!  Again, she is mostly invulnerable, does it really matter where the armor covers her body?  And yet again, we are hearing about realism in a movie about comic book characters.

4.  What’s with all the fire and ash?  Looks like a poster for Sin City or 300.

Hmm, yes, what is with all the fire and ash?  Where could they be fighting that is like this?  Could this be a hint that we will see our heroes at Apokolips?  Does that mean Darkseid will be coming???  I hope so!