Under the Dome: Episode 201

Everyone’s favorite comedy returned last night!  Oh, it’s not a comedy?  Hmm, well that is a bit weird.  I mean, so much silliness happens during this show, I just figured it was a comedy.  It is kind of funny, after watching the season premiere, I went back to read what I wrote about the finale

“Here is my prediction of what will happen next season:  Barbie will be spared at the last second.  Three new characters will be introduced.  Probably a guy from the other side of town, who has been holed up at his own place.  Maybe a couple of young people, to go against the Dome4 (like that name?).  Hopefully the characters will be less stupid next season..”

It took a weird electromagnetic spike to cause Barbie to be free, you know, once everyone passed out, Big Jim thought it was a good idea to free him.  Or after everyone (mainly Junior) figured out that he was not guilty.

We meet a guy named Sam, who lives in a log cabin near the lake.  He gets involved when Julia saves a girl who mysteriously appears in the lake after she gets out of her boat.  Before we get to Sam, allow me point out that when Julia sees the girl flailing away in the water, she runs and dives into the lake, then swims out to save the girl. SHE JUST PARKED HER FREAKIN’ BOAT!

Anyways, Sam is Junior’s uncle and he is mysterious.  Here is another oddity, Junior says that he has not seen his Uncle Sam (haha, very patriotic CBS) since his mother died, even though they both live in Chester’s Mills.  How is that even possible?  How big is this town?  They act like it is a very small town, yet no one seems to know each other.

I thought for sure we would see a little love triangle between Sam/Julia/Barbie (or maybe a foursome if you include the Science Teacher).  Instead, we are back to Julia and Barbie making out, you know, since she is completely cool with him killing her husband (they talked it out, right?).

I guess the dome does not want people to kill each other.  That seems to be the message to take away.  Oh, and Junior’s mom is really alive, so his weird dreamwalk was legit.  Also, the new girl has powers.  Did she heal Linda or is she really dead?

Side note:  Was that the worst special effects ever?  The truck spins and where it hits the dome was like three feet from where Linda was standing.  It looked like she was okay.  Then none of them went to her, so I assumed she was dead.  The creepy new girl finds her and all she has wrong is a bloody nose.  That seemed a bit odd to me.  But, since Big Jim saw Linda, she must be dead, right?

Not like she is a huge loss.  She may be the dumbest person ever.  Barbie is being pulled toward the dome because of his handcuffs, so what does she immediately do?  Try to pull him by the feet.  Umm, why not take off the cuffs?  That would make sense.  Instead, she waits until he is pinned to the dome and that is when she tries to use the metal key to unlock the cuffs.  She deserved to die.  Good riddance.  My hatred of her means she will be back next week.

The magnet stuff annoyed me too.  I feel like that is not what would happen if there was a magnetic dome over a town.  Maybe a scientist could help me out.   If it is strong enough to rip the nails out of a house, I feel like other stuff would have been pulled first and with much harder force.