Under the Dome: Episode 202

“I don’t understand anything that’s happening.”–Julia

For some reason that made me laugh when she said it.  I realize that most characters have no clue what is happening, but Julia seems like she should be in the know, since she is the monarch or whatever.  Yet for some reason, she is more clueless than any of them.

What awesome stuff happened this week?  Well Angie is dead and it turns into a chance for everyone to prove that they watched an episode of CSI before.  First we have Phil, who just a few days ago was the town’s DJ and now is a sheriff.  Excellent qualifications.  “Hey, I found a shoe print, obviously this is the killer’s foot.”

Then to make it better, since Sam and Julia prove that they are full medical examiners.  They practically identified the killer just by the bruising on Angie’s arm.  Everyone assumes it was the weird girl, but Julia is not convinced and she will not rest until she finds some vague evidence proving weird girls innocence.  Although, it is only vague evidence that is linking weird girl to the crime.

Did you know that Barbie can fly a plane?  Yeah, who knew that he is basically Jack Bauer Lite.  He flies the plane in order to kill the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, which are eating all the crops.  Barbie runs into the Dome, well a piece of the wing does and then he runs out of gas.  Lucky for him, Big Jim remembers that there is a reserve tank, which came in handy when Big Jim was making drug runs.

Then some stuff happened where Joe is going to shoot the girl, but Julia shows up in time to stop him from pulling the trigger.  We got to see angry Joe, which was kind of funny since it was pretty pathetic.  He should not try to be tough, it does not work.

Does anyone really think that Junior killed Angie?  To me it seems pretty obvious that it was Sam.  The guy shows up, has some weird mystery about him and then a murder happens?  And he seemed to have some connection with the weird girl.

Oh and I totally called it that there would be a love triangle between Julia/Sam/Barbie.  You know, Julia and Barbie bang all night, wake up in each others arms, then by the end of the day she thinks they are drifting apart.  That is a solid relationship…