Under the Dome: Episode 203

There is always so much of this show that annoys the crap out of me and then there is usually like one part that intrigues me enough to watch next week.  This week it was the mystery of Melanie.  How did she come from 1988 and end up in the lake?  Hmmm….

Aside from that, crap crap crap.

-Joe has no problem going to the school.  You know, the school where his sister was murdered like two days ago.

-Great product placement by Microsoft.  I am pretty sure they used the same footage of someone using the built-in stand for the commercial.

-At least they can get the internet inside the Dome.  If only for a few minutes.  I love that they immediately check email and Twitter.  I did enjoy Joe having a breakdown about whether or not to tell his parents about Angie.  I would think you would want to get some information to the outside world about what you know about the Dome.

-The whole Norrie (is that girl’s name, I can never remember) versus Melanie thing is pretty annoying.  Also, which was a bigger magical plot device:  the sword on a Russian boat in 24 or the list of everyone who ever had a locker.  What school keeps a ledger like that?  And wouldn’t it make more sense to just have lists by year instead of a page for each locker?

-I am not even going to dignify this blog with any of the crap with Big Jim/Lyle/Science Teacher.  The whole science versus faith thing pissed me off.

-And it looks like we will be seeing more of Lyle, since he is the only one who can give Junior some answers.  Has Junior’s mom been planning for the Dome to come down for awhile?  I guess that makes her a bit of a bitch, since she did not try to warn or save anyone.

-Julia is not cool with the Science Teacher’s plan to kill 25% of the population so the rest can survive.  In fact, she is soooooo against it that she gets pissed when Barbie wants to stay to listen.  You would think that sticking around to hear the plan out would be the best way to know how to stop it.  Granted, Barbie does not say “hey, I just want to gather intel”, nope, instead he just says “we need a strong leader and should hear out all ideas.”  It looks like they are about to break up.  They are as bad as Elaine and Puddy…

-It looks like Sam is a bad guy.  Or at least that is what Junior’s mom tried to say before the internet was cut off.  She said that he should only trust Lyle and then it was something like “Do not…..my broth….”  I took it to be “Do not trust my brother”, but I suppose it could be “Do not eat my broth” or “Do not kill my brother” or maybe “Do not trust my brother with cooking dinner, he always burns everything.”  We have no clue how long she rambled on after the internet stopped.