Under the Dome: Episode 204

Wow, this episode was so great that it took me like six days to muster up the energy to write about it.  Seriously, I was more interested in writing about the alien hunter than this show.  The bad part is that the characters just do ridiculously stupid stuff, but then we learn something interesting that makes me want to keep watching.

We learned that Melanie was from the past.  She was part of a group of friends, Junior’s mom was dating Lyle, and Sam was with Melanie.  They found the mini-dome and pink egg back in the olden days.  Melanie felt like she had to protect it, but during a struggle, it looks like Sam may have pushed her and she hit her head and died.

That was interesting.  How did she come back?  Interesting that Sam pretended not to recognize her (although, I think I mentioned that he seemed like he was hiding something).  This still continues with the question of what is the egg and what is the miniature dome.  These are the things that we should stay focused on.  Instead we get…

Rebecca deciding to unleash swine flu on the town.  Unfortunately, her strain is mutated and will probably kill everyone.  She ends up not being able to go through with it.  Big Jim is linked to the plot and Sheriff Phil has to arrest him.  You know, a week ago, Big Jim is savior and now he is town villain again.

I also enjoyed that our wonderful new sheriff had to solve the problem with vandalism on the bridge.  That seems like the most important thing to worry about when a giant dome encapsulates your town.  Either that, or maybe having the town’s DJ become sheriff is a terrible idea.

There is also the horribleness of Julia’s decisions.  She brings Sam back to her place and invites him to stay, but then pushes him away when he tries to kiss her.  Although, what was his plan?  Leave his shirt on during sex?  Since he scratches at his chest and we see the claw marks, which must have been from Angie.  Or does he plan to kill Julia?  That would probably be a good thing.

Hopefully the next episode will be somewhat better…