Under the Dome: Episode 205

Can someone please tell me what happened during the last fifteen minutes?  For some reason it did not record, I am guessing there was a storm or something.  I am kidding.  Not about the final minutes, but about telling me.  I looked it up, seems like I was spared a few moments of stupidity.

I do not even know where to start with this episode.  Okay, how about the trial?  I love how they are worried about due process and all that stuff.  Obviously the most important thing here is having representation for Big Jim.

Also, I loved how Joe and the kids tell Julia about Melanie being resurrected and she is like “oh, that’s neat, I will help you later, but for now I have to organize a trial.”  Ummmmmm, are you serious?  You don’t think a girl coming back from the dead, who just so happens to be the person who found the egg and has a weird connection to the Dome.  Yeah, that would not be important at all.  We need to focus on giving Big Jim a proper trial.

By the way, how can he have a proper trial?  There is no magistrate or judge present.  Just some lady, who says the Dome chose her to lead the people.  Maybe Sheriff Phil can preside over the trial.  Oh wait!  He was fired after killing a guy.  Who knew that a DJ is not qualified to be sheriff?  Everyone knew that?  Weird.

In other stupid character developments…Junior.  Ugh, could he be any more of an idiot?  Probably not.  He tells Sam (who murdered Angie) that Joe, Norrie, and himself are the remaining Hands (dumb term).  Then, he allows his uncle to get him really drunk.  Yeah, he deserves to take a bullet to the head.

At least the kids decided to take matters into their own hands.  They ignore Julia (smartest thing anyone can do) and try to have Melanie touch the Dome.  Nothing happens and she thinks that she is some UnDead Zombie freak or something.  She is not.  She and Joe kiss, Norrie is jealous…blah blah blah.  Did I miss something?

Julia and Barbie are back together.  Yay!  Remember, the Dome has been down for two weeks.  They have went from looking for Julia’s husband (who Barbie murdered) to banging.  To being in total love with each other.  Then she does not trust him because he was going to side with Big Jim to making up and realizing they are totally right for each other.  IN TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKS!  I know junior high kids who have a more stable relationship in two weeks.