2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Eighteen

Now that is the kind of week I like to see.  I like winning and I enjoy winning when my pitching is dominant.

Starlin Castro (3/1/2/1/.320/.370) and Ben Revere (4/0/0/1/.379/.379) were probably my best hitters.  Which judging by their numbers shows how poor everyone else actually hit.  The biggest surprise was Javier Baez of the Cubs.  I picked him up when I heard he was making his debut.  I love having guys for their debut, sometimes it pays off.  Baez hit a home run his first game and ended the week (4/3/6/0/.276/.276).

Over on the pitching side, Corey Kluber was a freakin’ beast:  2 wins, 17 strikeouts, 0.68 ERA, and a 0.98 WHIP.  A bunch of the other starting pitchers were alright, especially Danny Duffy (2/0/11/0/3.86/0.86).  The closers got plenty of saves, but also had some terrible outings since they had some high ERAs and WHIPs, but between Kluber and the set-up guys, those numbers came down.  That is called teamwork.

I am still leading the division and in third place overall (117-89-10).  Gideon and Ryan are currently tied although I guess the tie-breaker goes to Ryan at the moment since it lists him as in first place.  I am sure he will brag all about it.  I did make up a little ground, only eleven games behind them.  This week I take on Mark, who is in the final playoff spot.  Ryan takes on Gideon, so I need them to completely tie, 5-5-2 would be a great record for them.

Lindsey beat Steve 10-2 and she is now 99-104-13 and in 7th place.  The War Puigs continue to roll on!  She now takes on Pat, if she beats him, I will have some breathing room in the division.