2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Nineteen

I love when I get what I want.  I asked for Ryan and Gideon to tie each other and that is exactly what happened.  Unfortunately, I did not complete my end of arrangement and decided to lose to Mark.  That is embarrassing since he does not really check his team anymore, but his team is pretty decent.  Kind of a shame really.

Jose Altuve was my best hitter (of course he was) going 5/2/7/0/.406/.406.  Ben Revere had a nice week as well (2/0/0/4/.414/.414).  It would have been nice to get some stolen bases from Altuve, but oh well.  Castro and Puig had a nice week as well.  Pretty much everyone had an okay week.

It is frustrating when a starting pitcher like Corey Kluber has ten strikeouts and only gives up one run in almost eight innings, but not get a win.  Greinke had a similar situation, pitching five shutout innings and not getting a win.  Some of my relievers struggled this week, but that is just aberration and should not be a problem next week.

Nothing major changed in the standings, I am now 122-96-10.  This week I take on Sean, who is in 9th place and behind Lindsey by 7.5 games.  She barely lost to Pat, but dropped to 8th place.  She takes on Offord, who is in complete rebuild mode.