2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Seventeen

It was nice to get back to the winning side.  If you notice, I actually won saves this week.  I decided to make some changes early in the week by trading Mark Trumbo and Bryan Shaw for Zach Britton.  Then I traded Hanley Ramirez for Josh Hamilton and Fernando Rodney.  That looks like it worked for me.

It was kind of funny that when I traded Trumbo, Eric Hosmer went on the DL.  I ended up dropping him because he will be out until the middle of September.  Fortunately Brandon Belt came off the DL and should be able to help me out at 1B (although, I did pick up Adam Dunn, but that is not a very good solution).

It looks like the pitching was very good this week.  I would have probably beat most teams with that ERA/WHIP, so I will not complain too much.  The nice thing about getting two solid closers is that it pretty much helps drive down those rate stats.  It does not hurt that my starters usually are very consistent, but a bad outing from one of them will not crush me.

I am now 108-86-10.  I am still in first place in my division, but in third place overall.  I am 13 games behind Gideon.  This week I take on Don, who has had a pretty rough season.  I need Sean to step up and beat Gideon.  Sean is only a half game behind Lindsey for that eighth spot.  Speaking of War Puigs, she did not fare so well against Ryan.  Thanks Lindsey!