2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty

My team is falling apart.  Sean is not having a good season, I should have won.  Instead he beats me soundly.  Hell, it is not like my team played well and his team was just amazing.  Nope, his team was bad and mine found a way to be worse.

Josh Hamilton (5/2/8/0/.316/.360) and Ben Revere (4/0/2/3/.308/.358) were my best hitters with Hunter Pence (6/2/5/1/.296/.286) and James Loney (1/1/4/0/.333/.333) being decent.  As you can see, if those are your best hitters in a week, then it was no wonder my team AVG was only .222.  Here is a weird line:  4/3/4/0/.148/.207.  That was Javier Baez.  He hit three home runs, yet only had four hits for the week.  Jose Altuve had a terrible week as well, I am pretty much dependent on him this year.

The pitching was pretty good, although it would be nice to pick up some wins.  Or holds.  A few weeks ago I could not get a save and was dominating in holds.  Now it is the other way around.  My best pitcher was definitely Fernando Rodney with three saves and four strikeouts without giving up any runs.

I am in third place still with a 125-104-11 record.  Gideon is now in first place after beating Don 11-1 and Ryan losing to Dustin 8-4.  I am now 19.5 games behind Gideon.  This week I take on Offord, who is only 53 games out of first place.  I will probably get shutout.

Offord did beat Lindsey 7-4-1, which puts her record at 108-117-15.  She is still in 8th place and takes on Mark this week.  She needs a win.