2014 Fantasy Football Draft

Instead of posting all the rounds and boring everyone with the little details, allow me to change it up a bit…

As you can see, I had the number two pick and since I was not home from the Bowl-a-Thon yet, I had to auto-draft my first pick. Not really sure if I would have done anything different though. Peyton Manning went first, which is not a shock, since I had him last year and his value in this league is huge. I might have taken Drew Brees at number two if I were there, but I cannot say so for certain (he did go at number six).

I took Brown in the second round and when I signed in, I had like thirty seconds to make the pick. I like having Brown so I will not complain about this pick. Same with Zac Stacy, I like that pick as well, so not really too much to discuss.

I decided to go for a QB in the fourth round and there were a few that I tossed around in my head. Jay Cutler, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and Nick Foles were all available. I decided on Luck. My reasoning is that Newton could always get hurt (so could anyone, I know), Cutler is probably at his max potential and Foles could have been a bit of fluke last year (or at least he could be in for a bit of downturn). In my opinion, Andrew Luck is the most stable of the four and he has the most potential to be even better.

There were no real surprises in the middle rounds, I took Carlos Hyde because I felt like he could be that rookie that steps up big this year. I thought for sure that defenses would last a round or two later, but I was wrong. Once the top three were gone, I took Fred Jackson then in the next round grabbled St. Louis.

Here is where shit got weird for me. I drafted Mike Williams, but for some reason I was thinking I took Alex Smith. So at that point I stopped looking at the backup QBs. Then when I finished the draft, I realized that I did not have a second QB. Is it really a big issue? Probably not, I am sure I can grab one on the waiver wire for that bye week, but it is an unknown that I hate having to deal with. I do have my eyes on a few QBs.

I decided to draft Allen Robinson in the final round (hey I did it in another draft last week, figured it would screw up Yahoo’s ADP). I am guessing I will be dropping him in the next few days though. Or maybe he can have a breakout game and be the dominant force like he was at Penn State…a boy can dream.

So what does Yahoo say about my draft? Well they graded it a B (and I am thinking they have some very snarky people writing their report cards).

They think I will finish in 8th place. I have to prove them wrong. That is my goal. I am hoping to maybe use one of my RBs in a trade for a WR (I could add in one of my two TEs).

I take on Ryan the first week. Good luck to everyone this season!