Adam & Lora’s Wedding

I know you have all been dying to know about my brother’s wedding since I got back from vacation.  Hell, you have been waiting for me to write this post since last July.  Fortunately, I will spare you the details of some of the unsavory things, which you can read about in this post.

We got up pretty early on Friday and met up with the family in Dubois.  It is crazy to me that it took us 1 hour 26 minutes to get there by going up Rt. 219.  If we would have went to Philipsburg, then to Dubois:  1 hour 33 minutes.  Granted, it would have been a few more miles, but all highway.  Whatever, that is definitely not important to this story.

I was so worried about remembering to bring the following things:  my suit, my socks & tie, and my speech.  I brought all of those things, but then forgot a belt, or an outfit to wear on Sunday.  Those were small details, fortunately Dubois has stores so I was able to buy stuff.

Anyways, after unloading the cars at our cabins, we went down to the lodge and started decorating.  And we got to set up chairs.  So many chairs.  Remember, I was not feeling well, and my brother thought it was a great idea to carry giant stacks at a time.  After a few trips I was sweating and feeling a little woozy.  Adam must have been able to tell, since he allowed me to stop for a break.  Lucky for me, Chase and Joe arrived and were able to help out.

Around six we went down for rehearsal.  We walked through the ceremony with the officiant (Al) and he went fairly fast with the instructions.  Unfortunately, he also kept saying different things which was a bit confusing.  I am used to being the one giving instructions, I have learned over the years to be clear and make sure people are on the same page.

So getting vague direction was scary.  One of the things he said was that I would have the rings, but he never really said when or what to do with them.  I was definitely not put at ease.

We went up to eat as soon as we were done with the rehearsal.  We all drank a few beers and got some pictures together.  Adam and Lora gave the groomsmen and bridesmaids their gifts.  I got a sweet Batman tie clip, plus a golf multi-tool, and an engraved Pilsner glass.  I think the tie and socks were part of the gift as well (along with a nice metal bucket), but Adam gave me my stuff long ago because he trusted me to remember them.

After a few beers at dinner, we all dispersed back to our cabins.  I was actually really tired and just wanted to go to bed.  That was probably a good idea, especially since I was not feeling well to begin with.  We got up early and well some stuff happened that I would rather not talk about.  I actually felt better after a bit and was able to practice my speech a few times.

I got ready a little early and ended up having to wait around for everyone else.  It was nice though because I got to see my brother getting ready and how nervous he was (I am sure he would deny being nervous).  We finally left the place and went out to get some pictures taken of the groomsmen.

The time had finally arrived for the wedding.  Al meets up with this and it was like a complete transformation.  Instead of the guy who was all indecisive and unclear, there was now a guy who is a district magistrate.  He told us where to go and as we waited he explained when he would want me to give him the rings.  I was now completely at ease (although, I was nervous for some reason, I kept thinking about how embarrassing it would be if I dropped the rings or something stupid).

The wedding went off without a hitch, it was actually very short and sweet.  My cousin, Addy, did a reading, which was great.  Then once it was all over, it was time for some pictures.  Everyone was starting to crack beers, but I was taking it easy because I did not want to be buzzed for my speech.  I think I drank three beers in the three hours that we were doing everything until my speech.

Then came the entrance.  The DJ says the order of the names and at first I am confused, I thought the best man and maid of honor would go right before the bride and groom, but he says we will be first.  So then he announces us as groomsman and bridesmade Josh and Steph.  We make our way in and head to our seats.  Then after the last couple, he says and now the BEST MAN and MAID OF HONOR…I guess he thought there were two pairs named Josh and Steph.  Who would do that in a wedding?

From there, everything went fairly fast.  Adam and Lora make their way in and they do the dances, which kind of sucked for us because we were really far away and could barely see them.  Then our pap was to give a blessing before dinner, but no one gave him a microphone, so he had to go to the DJ and get one.  After the blessing, he brought me the mic and then took it back.  He told a pretty funny joke, which got a laugh from everyone, which worked perfectly for me.

Allow me to explain.  I had two introductions written for my speech.  If Steph went first, I was going to make a joke, but if I went first, well I would make a different joke.  Oddly, Pap’s joke worked well enough that I did not really need a joke.  I was able to just ad lib the intro and go right into my speech.  I felt like I did a pretty good job, everyone kept telling me I did, but then again, who would say “wow, terrible speech man.”  At least I remembered to have everyone raise their glasses and actually toast Adam and Lora.  I have been to weddings where the people forget to do that.

Once the speech was over, my brain went into shutdown mode.  I was able to relax, drink some beers, and have a great time.  I spent most of the night talking to family and dancing like a fool.  Yes, I did some dancing.  Well whatever it is called that I do.  Not really dancing, more like spasms.

After the wedding everyone went back to the cabins in order to drink around a campfire.  Lindsey and I participated for a little bit, but we were both pretty exhausted and went inside.  Probably a good thing because we both felt pretty crappy the next day, so clearly we did not need some more beer.

The wedding was quite beautiful and I am happy for Lora and Adam.  Now it is time to focus on our wedding.  Get to work on that speech Adam!

Here are some more pictures to enjoy…