Guardians of the Galaxy

I was so excited for this movie.  For so many reasons.  First, I knew basically nothing about the characters, makes it exciting to finally see a comic and not think “well that isn’t like the comic.”  Second, the silly humor and crazy over-the-top action, that is what you need in a comic book movie.  Third, c’mon Chris Pratt is awesome.  And last, I wanted to see if a Marvel movie could succeed with characters that no one knew about. 

Well the answer to that last question is definitely yes.  Marvel definitely had the right promotion strategy.  But, in the end, you still have to make a good movie.  That is something Marvel seems to get, whereas DC and other studios just miss that point.

Everything about this movie was pretty much perfect.  It was hilarious.  The fight scenes were great, and they even tried to keep the city destruction to a minimum.  The space battles were cool.  The love story was good.  I cannot say enough good things about this movie.  I will try though…

-Chris Pratt was awesome as Peter Quill.  I loved that they did not bother with some long origin story or anything.  Just that he was a kid on Earth, his mom died and then he was abducted by aliens.  Instead of a long montage of him growing up with the Ravagers, learning to fight and steal.  Nope, all you need is a few jokes from Michael Rooker saying “I stopped them from eating the kid.”  That is it.  Perfection.

-Rocket.  A talking raccoon who likes to carry a giant gun and adjust his crotch whenever he gets a chance.  When I first heard that Bradley Cooper was doing the voice, I was pretty pumped.  I figured he would be hilarious.  Part of me thought he would end up being the funniest character.  He ended up being funny, but also a bit sad.  His drunken rant about being a monster was kind of touching.

-Groot.  Okay, Vin Diesel as a talking tree.  That is even better than a raccoon.  He only says three words, but they convey his point each time.  Also, it does not hurt to have Rocket answering him with what he figures he is saying.  His sacrifice was probably one of the best I have seen in a comic book movie in a long time.  I got choked up.

-Drax the Destroyer.  Okay, let me be honest.  I thought for sure that Dave Bautista would be the weak spot in the film.  I should have known that WWE can produce guys who can act.  My favorite line of the movie was “Nothing goes over my head!  My reflexes are too fast.  I would catch it.”  A character who does not get metaphors is fantastic, but it takes skill to play it off like Bautista.

-Getting to the point.  That is what I loved most.  They introduced the characters and then decided it was time to fight Ronan.  I never felt like there was a huge lull in the movie. 

-The end credits scene was not worth the wait.  It does not really tie into overall universe, nor did it set up much for the sequel (although, I am guessing Peter will go searching for his father).  Maybe they are going to open the door for a Howard the Duck crossover. 

If you saw it, what did you think?

Comic Book Movie Grade:  A+

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