Things That Piss Me Off

I try to be a fairly happy guy. I mean, you never really see me get upset about stuff, I tend to just let things brush off me. Why go on a rant about things that are trivial? Unfortunately there are a few things in this world that really do make me mad and I figured I should share them with everyone.

Ice Bucket Challenge Haters
I realize that some people might be growing tired of these challenges where someone dumps a bucket of ice water on their head. That is not a reason to get upset and criticize the people participating in it. Yes, some people are not actually donating to the ALS Association, but the challenge is working. Last year at this time, they only raised like $2 million, and this year they are now at $40 million. I honestly think the people getting all bent out of shape about it are just jealous that they were either not nominated, or they like being the negative person about everything.

And now for your amusement, here is a funny video of ice bucket challenge fails…

Racist Facebook Friends
With everything happening in Ferguson, Missouri, it is interesting to see which of your friends are racist. It is easy to figure out. If they constantly post stuff about a white person being killed and no one being outraged or starting riots, then they are most likely racist.

This person is not the only one, I have seen many of my friends post things like this and it disturbs me. These people truly disappoint me.

This Video

The Devil did it! Instead of working on solving this country’s many complex problems, the people posting this video on Facebook want us all to pray and reject Satan. Yep, social inequalities, economic disparity, war, famine, and everything else happening in the world are all because the Boogey Man.

Freddie Freeman
I have no clue what it is about the Atlanta Braves first baseman. Maybe it is the fact that he looks like he should be wearing a pink polo with his collar popped and be playing beer pong at a fraternity house. Or maybe it’s the fact that he is really good at baseball and he plays for the Braves.

Seriously, just look at the guy. “Hey bros, grab some Natty Lite and lets bang some sluts from Tri-Delta!”

Ugh, they are the worst thing in the universe. I am not kidding or exaggerating. There are two giant spiders living on our porch right now. I am tempted to move or buy a flame-thrower to take care of this problem.


My friend Dave posted this article the other day. It is about using one space or two after a period. I have always used two, but since Dave mentioned this and pretty much ridiculed me for being dumb, I have decided to try and use one space. It pisses me off when I find out that I am doing stuff wrong. I will probably fall back into this old habit and I am sure Dave will be right there to make fun of me. Jerk.

Alright, maybe I am not nearly as pissed off about stuff as I thought.