Under the Dome: Episode 208

I have mixed feelings about this show. I mean, most of the stuff is pretty stupid. There are so many things that happen that I just scratch my head and say “umm, what?” Yet for some reason, I still enjoy the mystery of the actual dome and I am especially intrigued with Barbie being outside.

Sadly, the show cannot just stick with it does well. Instead we are tortured with a side story about Junior, Big Jim, and Science Lady investigating who is destroying stuff that may or may not have a connection to Big Jim. We learn that it was Phil (seriously, how did he survive getting shot in the chest?) and he immediately attacks Big Jim.  Fortunately the other two show up and stop Phil.

Joe and Norrie are filming a vlog (to which Joe has to inform everyone that a vlog is a video blog) and they receive an email from Barbie. He tells Julia to take a leap of faith. Naturally Julia does not believe that it could be from Barbie and they group decides to toss a rock with a note attached off the cliff.

In the outside world, Barbie realizes his father is a shady character. He gets help from some Hacker (who also works for Aktaion Energy), who figured out that Barbie was inside the dome. It looks like Barbie’s dad knows more than he is letting on, since he added a line to Julia to bring the egg. Then Barbie sneaks close to the dome and meets with Julia. It was cute, but his message is cut off, which means that Julia will not know what it means. Don’t j…yeah, she will never figure out that he was saying don’t jump. She will assume he was about to say “don’t juxtapose.”

So here are my questions:
-What kind of name is Aktaion? That is a terrible name. What the hell is their goal? I am guessing that is not the National Guard, but instead some mercenary group.

-What is Barbie’s dad getting out of the dome? Does he think he can harness the egg’s energy to give free energy to the world? I bet not.

-It looks like Sam and the gang will find the weird red door and head back to Chester’s Mills. I hope when they get back that jumping off the cliff does not work anymore. That would be hilarious.

-Why does the military want to block Wi-Fi? That seems really stupid in my opinion.

-What position will Big Jim achieve next week? He has went from Councilman, Murderer, Messiah, Leader, Despot, and Sheriff. I am guessing next week he will be the town’s therapist.