Under the Dome: Episode 209

I actually liked this episode. Staying out of Chester’s Mills for the majority of the episode probably helped. Sadly, that was squashed by the end when the outsiders found a way back inside. It looks like we will be back to the normal crap next week. I really hope not. Allow me to point out the good and bad stuff.

-Barbie’s dad is not a good guy. Any thoughts we may have had about where he stands in all of this were quickly erased. He told the guard to force Barbie to get Julia to bring the egg by any means necessary. They chose the old allow Barbie to escape trick. I would have went with taking Barbie to the Dome and torturing him in front of Julia. That is just me though. And Jack Bauer.

-The Smoke Monster is back! And it must be getting old, since it is now gray and instead of killing people like Mr. Eko, it just gives people flashbacks of old memories then dumps them in the lake at Chesters Mills.

-Everything is connected in this show. The connections are finally starting to show. Barbie met Melanie when he was a little kid, it must have been right before she moved to Chester’s Mills. Also, the red door from Pauline’s painting? The root cellar door at Barbie’s childhood home. Remember the thing we saw at the end of an episode?

-Big Jim finally does something that makes a bit of sense. Since he knows about Barbie, he confronts Junior. He then goes to the guards watching the Dome with a message. He will give them the Egg if they let everyone out. They say no, so Big Jim changes his demand to just he and Junior escaping. The guard agrees and now Big Jim is searching for the Egg.

-Fortunately Junior was smart enough to move it to a place that Big Jim will never expect:  the bomb shelter! Actually, it was pretty smart. Hiding it where Big Jim stays. Then Melanie wants to cuddle with Junior in the shelter. That must have been awkward for Junior…”hey, this is the place I once kept Angie prisoner!”

-I think Melanie might be the cause of the Dome. Or maybe she is the avatar of whatever beings created the Dome. She is definitely weird and she does not want them to leave the Dome, nor does she really want the Dome to come down. Keep an eye on her.

-It was definitely a mistake letting Hunter into Chester’s Mills. Why would you bring the hacker with you? He should be at Aktaion and they should have him sending messages once a week or something. That would be smart.

I look forward to  Big Jim and Pauline’s reunion. I am guessing he be pretty pissed at her.