Under the Dome: Episodes 206 & 207

Obviously being such a busy guy has its disadvantages, like not being able to review such a fantastic show while on vacation.  Well do not fear friends, I have finally watched the previous two episodes and let me just say how fantastic they…okay I cannot even say that with a straight face.  I mean, the show was a little better than it has been, but for the most part, it was pretty idiotic.

-We finally solved Angie’s murder!  Granted, the audience knew for a few episodes, but at least Barbie figured it out.  Sam admits it and says some stuff about how he has to kill the Four Hands because that is the only way the Dome will come down.  He knows this because his sister’s journal has drawings that show everything that will happen and it is all bad!

-Sam then jumps off the cliff that they found under the school.  Later on Barbie comes up with this great idea about going down to the bottom in order to find Sam’s body because Junior does not believe him.  No one seems to be concerned about this giant tunnel system and cliff under the school.

-At least no one is concerned until Barbie plummets to his death.  Then everyone is sad.  Especially Big Jim, who holds a candlelight vigil for Barbie.  You know, I think it was six episodes ago when Big Jim was about to hang Barbie.  Oh how far they have come.  Big Jim’s story has gotten completely idiotic.  When he is onscreen, I tend to zone out.

-And for that were about to panic, Barbie is not dead.  He is alive, just outside the Dome.  The black hole in the cliff transports people to a playground one town over.  Yep, the town that Barbie is from.  Then some other stuff happened and we learn that Barbie’s dad is really rich and powerful, but sort of a nice guy.  Also, Barbie’s mom is dead.  This show hates moms.

-Sam and Lyle are still alive too!  They reunite with Pauline (well Lyle is comatose and screaming “Melanie”), who does not seem the least bit freaked out that her brother escaped the Dome.  Unless she is playing it cool around him since she told Junior not to trust…someone.

-Joe is president of the robotics club!  Good for him.  And now the group knows that Barbie is alive and for some reason there is a red door on the ground, probably Barbie’s mom’s grave.  That will be where Julia comes out to rescue Barbie.  Seriously, if I was Barbie, I would say screw it and ask Daddy for some money and then go find a beach and just relax for a bit.

-The townspeople are really stupid.  Seriously, just get rid of them and all of the dumb drama in the town.  Just focus on the Dome.

That is all I got for the past two weeks.  I will try to do better at keeping up with this fantastic show.