2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Four

That was probably the most intense week ever. Okay, not the entire week, since I was winning pretty handily all week and then over the weekend, Gideon started coming back. Every single time I checked on Sunday, the score would be different, with many times it flipping in favor of him. I think at one point he was up 7-4. It all hinged upon Corey Kluber, who picked up the win late in the day along with his 14 strikeouts, which was enough to give me the victory. Great battle my friend!

Yasiel Puig was a badass this week. About damn time, he was pretty useless the last few weeks, but he definitely made up for it with a great performance. As you can see, most of my team was pretty awesome. I need to point out that Gideon may win the best waiver wire pick ups with Josh Harrison and Justin Morneau (since they will be one and two for the batting title).

I had some great pitching performances, but there was one that needs to be spotlighted. COREY FREAKING KLUBER! Two wins, 28 strikeouts! That is 45% of my total strikeouts for the week. That is insane. And as I said earlier, he was my hero. From this day forward, I will always be a Kluber fan.

Ryan beat up on Dustin, 10-2, which means we are playing for the championship. Could there be any other opponent? I mean, Ryan and I talk shit on each other all the time. He won the league three times in a row at one point and has always been dominant. I hate to give him any kind of credit, but I will say that if I am going to win my first championship, what better way to do it than by beating the best.

In the losers bracket, Gideon takes on Dustin for third place, while Lindsey takes on Pat for fifth. The War Puigs moved on with a 8-3 victory over Mark. Imler is trying to beat Mark for seventh. Good luck to everyone this final week!