2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-One

Well folks, the wheels have fallen off. It is time to panic. Another loss. This was a frustrating loss. My team was not even that bad, but Offord decided that in next to last place, this was the week to have his team play great and beat me. Thanks friend!

Hunter Pence had a monster week (7/0/6/0/.520/.581). It would have been nice if he could have rocked a few home runs, but I guess beggars cannot be choosers. You would think he would have been my best hitter, but that honor went to Jorge Soler (3/3/7/0/.533/.563). That is a great first week in the majors.

My pitching was alright although none of my starters picked up a win. And Zach Britton had four of my saves. Maybe my pitching was not that good this week. Looking at my entire team, it feels like a few players carried everyone else. That will not do for the playoffs.

I am not 130-110-12 and have clinched a playoff spot. Gideon stayed in first place despite a loss to Dustin. Ryan is only 3.5 games behind him after beating up on Imler. This is the final week before the playoffs and it looks like we have some tight races:  Sean is a half game behind Lindsey for the 8th playoff spot. Dustin is two games behind me for the third seed. Maybe I should have set it up that division winners get a bye, haha.

Lindsey did beat Mark, 7-4-1, and now has a record of 115-121-16. She takes on Sean this week in a match up that will decide that final playoff position. I take on Pat, which is not that exciting since we are both in the playoffs (I guess I could shut him out and ruin his playoff chances, but that will not happen).