2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Three

Holy crap that was a scary week! I probably checked my phone 2,379 times on Sunday and each time it would flip-flop between Pat and I. Hell, the only game left that night was Baltimore and the Yankees, but Pat had Nelson Cruz. All it would have taken was for Cruz to launch a homer and it would have been 6-6 (and then it would have come down to a tie-breaker).

At the beginning of the week, I dropped Javier Baez and picked up Jordy Mercer. That move definitely paid off as Mercer scored three runs, knocked in four and had a nice .364/.440 line. My other good player was James Loney (2/1/2/0/.368/.400). Those were my best hitters with Puig and Altuve having decent weeks as well.

I am not going to single any of my pitchers out because they were all pretty fantastic. In fact, check it out:

The only negative is that guys I pick up for holds keep getting moved into the closer role. I am looking at you Drew Storen. Hell, even Pat Neshek keeps picking up saves. That is not what I need you to do! Minus Henderson Alvarez, all of my starters recorded a win. That is impressive.

This week I take on the number one seed, Gideon, who beat Imler pretty easily 9-3. Ryan beat up on Lindsey (what a jerk) 10-2 and now takes on Dustin, who crushed Mark 11-1. Good luck to everyone this week!