2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Two


Alright, I am done freaking out here. My team actually played pretty well. I am not sure too many other teams would have beat me with these stats. In fact, I would have won against Gideon and tied Ryan, so it was not really all that bad of a week.

Ben Revere and Jose Altuve were my best hitters along with Hunter Pence and James Loney. Starlin Castro got hurt and I am now forced to start Javier Baez, who has not done well the last few weeks. Jorge Soler continued to play well, so that is a positive. Josh Hamilton has not played well, I hope George Springer comes back this week and does what he does best, crush baseballs.

The beginning of the week was bad for my starting pitching, Corey Kluber and Henderson Alvarez got crushed and then everyone else had to pitch well in order to bring down my rate stats. Although Kluber made up for it with a complete game shutout five days later. I picked up Drew Storen, who I hoped would get me some more holds, but he managed to pick me up another save.

In a weird twist of fate, I take on Pat again this week in the first round of the playoffs. My final regular season record is 134-117-13. I am definitely nervous about the playoffs. I am in the same bracket as Gideon, so if I do beat Pat then it will be a true battle against the best team in the league.

Lindsey beat Sean 7-4-1 and so she is in the playoffs taking on Ryan. Her final record was 122-125-17. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!