2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 2 and Fantasy Football Week 1

This is that fun time of year where it seems like everyday is a post about fantasy sports. It is also rough with there always being Thursday games because I have to set up my picks earlier. I know, it is a rough life I lead.

I was 9-7 last week and I am in first place with Imler, Sean, and my mom right behind me at 8-8. My brother is in last place at 5-11. Looks like he will not dominate all season.

I feel like this is a terrible way to start the season. Ryan and I were pretty evenly matched projection wise, but needless to say it did not end that way. I obviously need help in the WR department, so if anyone is interested in a trade, just let me know.

I am currently in 11th place and this week I take on Dustin, who won last week, but scored less points than me. Imler and Gideon are in the top two spots. My brother is in 9th place after a crappy loss, he scored a good amount of points, but his opponent scored more (obviously). At least my team just sucks.