2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 3 and Fantasy Football Week 2

HOLY SHIT! This was not a good week for anyone. Pat was the week’s winner by going 8-8. I was not so good this week. I only got four right. I am now tied for first at 13-19 with Pat, Gideon, and Dan. I am not even going to mention Sean, our reigning champion, and his awesome week…(2-14).

Right now I am certainly feeling confused about some teams. I feel like I could switch 92% of these picks. I guess this is what happens when everyone wishes for parity.

Well my team is not that good, but at least they won. I definitely need some help in the wide receiver department. I made a trade offer to my brother, which it would probably tilt more in his favor, but I am in dire need of another receiver.

I did just pick up Allen Robinson (yes, I dropped him two weeks ago) and Silas Redd. I know, you are thinking I am just taking Penn State guys (should I even consider Redd a PSU guy? Nah), but Robinson had some catches and I have a feeling he could have a big week at some point (and honestly, could he get me less points than Nicks?). Redd is now the number two back in Washington with Helu hurt, so hey, whoever needs a back, come to me!

After this victory, I am now 1-1 and in seventh place. I take on Gideon this week, who is in first place. My brother is in 11th place, but his team has scored more points than mine, so he is just getting unlucky draws each week.