Mistborn: The Hero of Ages

This was a fantastic book to end this series. Before I go any further, if you have not read the book, I would suggest stopping here since I will probably spoil everything. Sorry, just how it is. Okay, so are all those people gone? Great, where do I begin? What the hell, I might as well just start at the ending.

-Sazed. I did not see that one coming. Okay, I could tell very early on that it was him that wrote the book that was between chapters, but I did not even consider him the Hero of Ages. It was not until pretty late in the book, that I even suspected.

-I knew the Atium would play a huge part, but I kept thinking that we would learn that the Lord Ruler had been using it in high doses mixed with Duralumin. My thought was that this gave him longer glimpses into the future and that is what slowly drove him insane, causing him to see bad things hundreds of years before they happened. You can imagine how this could cause him to turn evil…

Instead, the Atium was part of Ruin. I admit that it seemed a little weird that being able to see into the future would be part of Ruin, but it fit into the story, especially when the Mistings burn it all up to help Preservation/Vin win the battle.

-Learning about all the things the Lord Ruler tried to do to save the people. If only he had not been influenced by Ruin. It was definitely nice to see an explanation as to what happened to him since there were many inconsistencies in the first two books. For example, we know that Rashek was trusted by Kwaan, so he must have been at least somewhat good. He was only trying to do what was right. He just did not have the knowledge.

-It was a sad moment when Eland and Vin died. It was even more sad when everything was over and Spook found their bodies in the field. Sazed tried to restore them, but could not. I thought for sure that we would find out that Sazed saved them and they were living somewhere far away. I guess that would have been a bit hokey.

-I also enjoyed Sazed’s crisis of faith. Obviously he would find faith again, but I was glad that it was not in one of the religions he studied. In the end, it was his people’s religion, but also in himself. How cool was that?

Anyways, there was so much great stuff in the book. I really would love to see a battle between a Knight’s Radiant and Mistborn.