Shopping Spree

If you are a longtime reader of this blog, then you know that Lindsey loves to go clothes shopping. I am not adverse to it, but I am nothing like her. It constantly amazes me with how she can go into a store, like Loft, and spend 45 minutes just grabbing clothes to try on. The people that work there have to come over and take some of the clothes to start a dressing room.

For example, we walk into Banana Republic and I cruised through all the guy’s clothing in about five minutes. I found a few things to try on and then I walked back through to see if I missed anything. After that, I venture over to the ladies section and find Lindsey only about a third of the way through. She is holding one thing and when I ask how it’s going, she responds, “eh, okay, I mean, they have a room set up for me with all the other stuff I found, but nothing is standing out.” Oh well, I suppose I will never understand.

Oh, I guess I should explain where we went and the purpose of the trip. We went to the Washington Outlets yesterday and we were looking for clothes for our engagement pictures. I also wanted to find a jacket, something that I can wear in the fall. More on that in a second.

As you can see, I got a few things. Here is the rundown:
-A half-zip sweater and the red button up shirt from Banana Republic. I also bought a pair of gray dress pants, not for work, but instead for casual wear. I prefer wearing my work pants opposed to jeans, so I figured screw it. I wanted to buy these same pants last time we went to BR, but they were $99. Yesterday they were on the clearance rack for $38.

-The button up plaid shirt, three-quarter length baseball t-shirt, and jeans from Express. I also saw a red zip-up hoodie that I loved from there, but decided not to get it. I may have to rectify that next time we go shopping.

-Lindsey bought a bunch of stuff, but I am not going to bore you with those details. You only come here to find out what I bought. And I am not going to tell you what clothes will be worn for the engagement pictures, you will just have to wait to see.

Now let me tell you about the jacket. I have wanted a green jacket for the past two years. This should be a pretty simple thing, right? Well it has not been easy. Either they look like an old man’s jacket or they are almost a winter jacket.

Last year I tried to order one from an Asian website, the sites that make knockoffs. The first one came and was way too small. The second one was seized by customs and it took me weeks to get my money back. I decided to give up on that plan.

We went through as many stores as possible yesterday, even some that I would never expect to have the kind of jacket I wanted. No luck, for some reason the closest I could find was a blue jacket at Banana Republic. It was okay, but I was not completely sold on it.

As we finished up, Lindsey wanted to go into Coach and look around. We passed the Coach for Men store and I noticed that all the mannequins had jackets. I decided to go inside. I have never understood the love of Coach stuff by women, so needless to say I was not as enamored with what was inside as Lindsey.

Immediately, I spotted a green jacket on display. I checked it out and it was thin and was pretty much what I wanted. I could not find one on a rack anywhere. I asked the sales girl and she pointed me in the right direction. I tried it on and it fit and looked great. Then I saw the price:  $498. Umm, not what I wanted to spend for a jacket.

The store was having a 50% off everything sale, plus there was an additional 20% for some coupon. Then the girl said “we have these ones over here, they are the same jacket, but from last year.” I actually liked it better and after all sale stuff, it was a good bit cheaper than the other.

It is funny that Lindsey was so excited about me buying a Coach jacket. I think she may have been a tad bit jealous. The great thing is that it is heavy enough to wear in the winter with a hoodie underneath, perhaps a red hoodie from Express. My only winter jacket is my large black one, but sometimes it is not good for doing casual stuff.

So that leaves me with just a few more things to buy then I should be done for the next few years. I need a new fleece. My black one that I bought back in 2010 is pretty disgusting looking and I just leave it at work and wear it when I have to go to the freezer. I saw a nice one at Eddie Bauer, it was a lime green, but that would be silly to have two green jackets. Maybe I should just get another black one. Or blue. Hmm, options.

I also want to buy a pair of sneakers. You may remember that I have problems finding shoes. I want a pair of sneakers that I can wear with jeans and just about anything. Hell, the last pair I had like that were Adidas from like 2000. Since then, I can never find what I like. Although, now I have a few options, so maybe I will luck out sometime soon.