Under the Dome: Episode 210

Just when things started to look good for this show, they decide to air this episode. Ugh. It was pretty much terrible. Here are some of the highlights (if you could call them that):

-Melanie and Barbie are sisters! Well half siblings. Barbie’s dad banged Mel’s mom back before he hooked up with Dale’s mom. They figure all of this out because of a weird memory that Barbie had last week while being teleported back to the Dome.

-Big Jim discovers that his wife is alive and all of a sudden he seems to change and become a good guy. He wants to help the town escape over the cliff. Well until he sees another painting from Pauline and then he grabs the egg and throws it into the cliff. This causes the black hole to become a normal cave bottom.

-Phil finally dies. Granted, I forgot he still existed, but the earthquake sets him free and he tries to leave Chester’s Mills by taking a swan dive. He ends up impaled on a stalagmite.

-Joe is like a sophomore in high school, right? Yet for some reason he is able to understand everything the Hacker is saying. “Oh yeah, we could convert the police station’s radar gun into an Egg-detector, that makes sense because of sound waves.” I guess he has the knowledge, just no way to apply it yet.

-Now that we are cut off from the outside world again, I am guessing that means we get to deal with stupid weekly town problems again. The new one is the temperature change inside the Dome. Also, I love that the townspeople flip-flop weekly on who they want to follow. The lady at the diner will only go along with the plan to leave the Dome if Big Jim is on board.

-Junior and Melanie had a nice moment until she makes a joke about him locking her up inside the bomb shelter. Oh Mel, if only you knew how often he does that!

-Speaking of Junior, he reacts well to his Uncle Sam being back inside the Dome. He beats the crap out of him then is about to ax him in the face. That stops once Angie shows up to stop him. She says that he is needed or something bad will happen in the Dome or to the Dome. Then when the Egg leaves the Dome, Melanie collapses and it is Sam that gives her a shot of atropine to save her. I hope we get a weird love triangle between those three.

There are only a few episodes left. Thankfully…