Under the Dome: Episode 211

This was the best episode ever! Just kidding. It was pretty damn terrible. In fact, I barely remember what happened and I watched it like five minutes ago. More stupid shit happening in Chester’s Mills, like the temperature is dropping and yet no one owns a winter jacket. Or the fact that everyone forgets all the bad stuff happened in the last episode.

One of the dumbest things was the ambulance accident. It is so cold that black ice is forming on the road, although it does not seem to be raining or anything. I feel like you have to have some moisture in the air and then on the ground in order to have some black ice. Julia gets impaled by a piece of metal. They decide the best way to save her is to let her go into hypothermia so that her heart stops and the blood does not pump. Then, Barbie can resuscitate her. Not a terrible plan. Obviously it works.

Remember that time when Big Jim held a bunch of teens at gunpoint and stole a weird Dome-powering Egg? Then he threw that Egg down the only known way out of said Dome? Oh, that happened last week? Well people in Chester’s Mills have short memories. All it took for Big Jim to be the hero was to show up with a can of gas. And for his wife to remember him blocking a field goal.

HackerBoy is really evil. Or maybe not, he works for Barbie’s dad and he is in communication with him. We see him give the army guys intel, but then convinces Joe and ForeheadGirl that he is still on their team. Yeah, that is believable. Probably will turn out to be Melanie’s younger brother (well half), which means he would not be related to Barbie. That is why he wanted inside the Dome. He did some concerned about Melanie’s health.

For some reason the Dome is rotating, which is causing the weather change, it is pushing the cold air down or something. And by the end of the episode, the Dome is shrinking. I hope that it crushes the entire town.