Under the Dome: Episode 212

I know that sometimes I am a little unfair with this show. Lindsey enjoys it (although she generally falls asleep through some of it, so maybe that is the key). Naturally there were parts that I actually liked, so instead of just mentioning all of the stuff I hated, allow me to discuss that first.

The four hands, past and present, must lay hands on Melanie in order to make her better. Rebecca realizes that the instead of needing Angie, maybe Melanie is the bridge between past and present because of something about quantum mechanics. Melanie gets better, but then a giant pit forms and she falls into it. Junior wants to pursue, but Barbie warns against it since the last time someone jumped into an endless pit, they ended up dead (Phil).

See? That kind of stuff is cool. Where did Melanie go? Could this be a way out for the people of Chester’s Mills? Does this give us a little insight into what controls the Dome?

Unfortunately, there were bad parts of the episode. I cannot ignore them.

For instance, the conversation between Barbie and his dad at the Dome. They kept talking to each other, yet they cannot hear what the other is saying, but for some reason they would just answer. Then, they brought along people to write this stuff on paper, which was absolutely idiotic, since the translators just wrote whatever they felt like.

Another thing that I hate about this show is the treatment of Big Jim. He needs to be the villain. Yet the show flounders between making him a bad guy and wanting us to like him. Screw that, he should have been likeable at first, but as the show continues we should see the depths of his evil. I recently read somewhere that in the book he is a deplorable person and his son is even worse, a borderline serial killer.

Big Jim kills Lyle after he stabs Pauline. This is one of those things where we can see Jim as the good guy, no matter how much snarling he does while stabbing Lyle. Instead, what if he murders Lyle earlier. Just stabs him out of jealousy. That would have been more interesting.

Next week is the season finale. I am hoping we learn more about the Dome, but something tells me that it will be like ten seasons before we start getting some answers.