Under the Dome: Episode 213

Well that was the finale. Allow me to sum up what happened. The town is trying to escape by going down the rabbit hole. Instead of taking them to a magical land (or a town three miles away) it takes them to another set of caverns. They make a fast getaway as the world begins to tremble, yet Julia is trapped on the other side of a chasm because no one thought to carry a plank or something. Barbie leads the people to a big wall (I was really hoping you would hear something whispering Tak) where a butterfly shows him where to place his hand. Once he touches the spot, boom, the wall collapses and Melanie is there to inform them that they are all going home. Seriously, if you missed the episode, just read that and you are good for next season. Here are a few stray thoughts…

-Isn’t Chester’s Mills home for these people? Minus a few of them. So where are they going to go? Will the government have to give them money? Do you think home owners insurance covers Giant Dome Attack? Will these people be considered refugees and be a drain on our society? Things we will never know.

-At least Big Jim finally got to turn into an evil asshole. He shot whatshername and was about to kill Julia before she stabbed him in the foot. That was actually awesome. Also, Junior putting a bullet in his own father? Badass. I hope next season is just Big Jim and Junior trying to kill each other in an empty town. Julia just sits in the cave meditating.

-Norrie finally remembered that her mom was dead, oh and her other mom remembered that she was part of the show and decided to do a little parenting for like three minutes. Great job!

-Some other stuff probably happened, but I was really busy multitasking while watching the show. By multitasking, I mean trying to figure out which third baseman to pick up since Trevor Plouffe is done for the year. And see, I make every post about fantasy baseball.

Hopefully next season is a wee bit better. Or not, if they are going to make a terrible show, then they should truly embrace it. Make it completely over-the-top.