2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 5 and Fantasy Football Week 4

I stumbled back with another poor performance going 5-7, which brings me to 29-32 on the season. My mom is still winning at 34-27 putting her four games ahead of Gideon. She got eight correct, which was good enough to be the weekly leader.

I gave the defending champ a beat down! Granted this victory pretty much hangs on Andrew Luck’s performance, but I will take that since McCoy had another great week.

I definitely need more from him and Marshall. Especially if I want this trade to be worth anything. I should have taken Offord’s counter-offer of McCoy and Bennett for Julio Jones. Damn it!

This week I take on Jim, who is 4-0 and in second place behind Jarrod. I am in third place at 3-1, but I have actually scored the most points in the league. Hey, my brother is making a comeback, he is now 1-3 and in 11th place. Great job!