2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 6 and Fantasy Football Week 5

Well I may have made a bit of a comeback. I got eight right last week, and Mom only got six. I am now 36-39 and only three behind the leader. Lindsey was the big winner last week: getting nine correct. She is still in next to last with a 30-45.

Ugh. I lost by .30! That is so idiotic. It is hard for me to explain how pissed off it makes me. Also, when Jim wished me happy birthday, he said that I would not win, what a jerk.

The only silver lining to this loss is that this was my best team out there. No one on my bench scored more than a starter. I hate when that happens. I am now 3-2 and down to fifth place. Jim and Jarrod stayed undefeated, Gideon and Ryan are third and fourth. I still have scored the most points. My brother has won two in a row and is in 10th place. This week I take on Offord, who is 2-3 and in eighth place. He also has scored a high amount of points, but not seen the results, so it should be a good match-up.