2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 7 and Fantasy Football Week 6

I had another solid week by getting eight correct. Gideon and my brother were the big winners with eleven. Mom fell from first place by only getting seven and is now in second place behind Gideon. My current record is 44-46 and I am five behind the leader. My brother has moved up to fourth place with a 43-47 record. Lindsey did not have a good week, she did her picks, but they did not save. So she is now 30-60.

I noticed something interesting. If you went completely chalk (or is this just NCAA Bracket term? Also, for those unsure what I mean: you only picked the favorites), you would have gotten nine right. If we look back each week, it goes: 8-7-8-7-5. Do you think week one is so low because the oddsmakers do not have a bead on how good teams will be yet? Do you think think this number will improve over the course of the season? By week fifteen will they be getting double digit correct?

Sorry Offord! I did not mean to give you such a monstrous beat down. It was pretty much all Luck. Get it? Hahaha, I crack myself up here.

It was a nice week, but I did not go anywhere in the standings, still in fourth place with a 4-2 record. I still have scored the most points (barely, since Gideon put up a Monstar number of 207.30). Speaking of Gideon, he is in first place, followed by Jarrod (who lost to my brother), then Jim. They are all 5-1. My brother is in eighth with a 3-3 record. Watch out everyone, he is on a roll!

This week I take on Imler, who is in sixth place. I am projected to squeak one out, but it might be tough with McCoy on bye week. We shall see.