2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 8 and Fantasy Football Week 7

Ugh, I only got six right last week. That is not going to help me catch up to Gideon (especially when he only got six correct as well). Adam2 (no offense Adam, but it is easier to refer to you as Adam2 instead of saying “future brother-in-law”) was the big winner with eight. Everyone else was around me with a few 7s and 5s. Not a good week for any of us.

Okay, so Gideon is still in first, with my mom just two games behind. I am in fourth place behind Adam2 (we are both 50-55, but he must have me on tie-breakers), after me it is Adam (49-56), then JasonI (48-57). Last year’s champ, Sean, is  47-58, while Lindsey is a very bad 35-70.

I did my picks on Wednesday, but did not save them for some reason. So I already missed the first one. Although, I am pretty sure I took San Diego. I just thought for sure they would keep it close.

Fortunately, fantasy football was a little better for me than picking against the spread. I beat JasonI and moved myself into fourth place (I said I was in 4th last week, but I was actually in 5th).

With Fred Jackson getting hurt, I am severely lacking in running backs. Yes, McCoy plays this week, but I am relying on Storm Johnson again. Not something that gives me a lot of confidence. Good thing I have some awesome receivers.

Jessica beat Gideon, knocking him out of first place. Ryan jumped into the lead position with a big win over Ruskin (who is having terrible luck, has scored a ton of points, but only has two wins). Gideon dropped all the way to fifth with Ryan, Jarrod, and Jim all 6-1. Me and Gideon are 5-2. My brother is 3-4 and in 9th place. C’mon dude, step it up!

This week I take on Jarrod and I should not have to even mention what a victory would mean. Okay, allow me to explain. Gideon is taking on Jim, if G-Dizzle should win and I beat Jarrod, that gives me an opportunity to move into second place and if Ryan would lose (he won’t, but pretend with me for a second), I would move into first! Exciting times.

I know you are probably wondering about my other leagues. Well over in Kevin’s league I am 4-3 and currently in 7th place. And in the Pittsburgh Bloggers league, I started out 5-0, but have lost my last two. Again, in that league I have scored the most points, but have just been outscored the past two weeks in weird manners. For example, last week, I would have won if they had not taken back that Antonio Brown touchdown. Oh well, no use in complaining.