2014 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 9 and Fantasy Football Week 8

Last week was another miserable performance where I only got six right. Not that anyone else did much better; Adam2, Sean, and Imler won big with a whopping eight correct. I am currently in fifth place at 56-64 with my brother hot on my heals at one back. Gideon is still winning and Mom is the only other person with a winning record (barely). It does not seem to be a good year for making picks.

I am sure you are wondering how I am doing in the TIGO Betting By Idiots college picks? Well if you remember, I won it all last year and figured to win it all again. Naturally things do not always go as planned and I am 29-34. I need a bunch of 7-0 weeks if I am going to win again.

Anyways, here are my terrible picks for this week. I actually changed a few of them like two seconds before I started writing. Mainly because I looked and noticed I only had seven favorites selected. And if you remember from a few weeks ago, we saw that just going with the faves will get you more right than wrong. I originally had New England and St. Louis covering, so we shall see if this gamble paid off.

I had a great week in fantasy football. I won in all three leagues and in the main league I actually moved up to third place. If Imler would have stepped up and beat Ryan, I would be in second place, but alas that did not happen. Jim barely beat Gideon (I know, the score was by 30 points, but remember, Jim got 110 from Big Ben).

This week could be a little rough for me. I take on Jason, who is 5-3, but I have two WRs on Bye Week: Golden Tate and Brandon Marshall. Speaking of Marshall, talk about a terrible trade for both parties. My brother recently dropped Zac Staley. And as you can see, my side has not gotten too much out of it either.

Anyways, now I am starting Allen Hurns at WR3 and Lorenzo Taliaferro as my FLEX with Carlos Hyde as my RB2. I need a big week from Andrew Luck and Antonio Brown. Also, if McCoy would like to start showing up that would be awfully nice of him.

I am now in third place behind Ryan and Jim with Jarrod in fourth and Gideon fifth at 5-3 (he has the second most points scored though, so do not underestimate that team). Jason comes in at sixth as the last person with a winning record. My brother is now 4-4 and in seventh after his big victory over Sean.