And Thus Vacation Begins

Not sure if you have noticed, but my posts have not been all that frequent as of late. Well there has been a reason for that: I am burning out. Not from writing the blog! Do not panic people. Instead, I have been ready for vacation time. I know, I just took vacation back in August, but for some reason I really feel like I need this one. It will be great to take a week off and just allow myself a chance to recharge.
Tomorrow the fun starts by flying to Atlanta. We are going there for a few days to visit some family. We come back on Wednesday and then I am sure Lindsey will tell me about more fun stuff she has planned. Probably something involving a door and paint. Who knows though…

I have no clue what we were doing in Atlanta, I am assuming that we are meeting up with Ludacris at some point. That seems to be the most logical thing to do while in the ATL, right? Does everyone call it that? I am sure they do.

Here is another question about the ATL: what do people wear there? I checked the weather, it is like in the 80s. Lindsey informed that it is fall and you should wear fall clothes. She thinks I will look like a complete tourist if I show up in shorts and t-shirts. She said that people in the south still change their wardrobes according to the seasons. Why? What the hell is the point of that? Well I guess Ludacris is wearing a sweater in that picture, so maybe she is right. So weird.

I may have to watch the classic Futurama episode “The Deep South” in order to brush up on my knowledge of Atlanta. It is more than just a Delta hub, right?

Anyways, you can expect a bit of a blackout here for the next few days. I promise when I get back to have much more fun posts instead of just fantasy sports stuff (okay, that is not true, there will still be plenty of fantasy sports posts, just other stuff as well).