If you read the title of this post and expected something about the television show on HBO, then I am sorry to disappoint you because this post is not about that at all. Instead, I want to talk about food. You know, when you go to a restaurant and you have some left and decide to take it home.

Last night I ordered Vinny’s Spicy Chicken & Pasta (or whatever it is called, I have had it before and it is delicious) at Villa Capri in Altoona. This is a huge dish and I ate what I thought was about half of it and decided to have the waitress pack up the rest.

Today, I am feeling a bit hungry and thought “hmm, spicy pasta sounds good about now.” So I opened up the box and poured it into a bowl. I did not pay attention to how much there was or anything, but as I started eating it, I realized there was only like four bites. How the hell does this happen? I had 549 bites of this stuff at the restaurant and now there is only four? What kind of weird universe are we living in? I blame string theory. Does this happen to anyone else?

I am still hungry…