Potpourri of Randomness

I said that I was going to do more than write about fantasy sports, so here is one of those posts. You know the kind, where I write about a bunch of random stuff.

Ebola and Terrorism
I have been reluctant to write about Ebola and ISIS, but then I saw this post on Facebook the other day and I decided that I needed to voice my opinion.

First off, ignore the terrible spelling and grammar. Just look at what this guy believes: ISIS is sending soldiers to West Africa in order to contract Ebola and then come to America. Think about the logistical troubles of going from the Middle East to West Africa. It is not that close together. People forget that Africa is a huge continent. Look, it would take almost 19 hours in a plane to get from Kobani to Sierra Leone.

Then, they would have to leave there and head to the United States. Again, not a sure trip. You do not think someone would notice a bunch of Middle Easterners coming from West Africa? Or does this person that posted this nonsense think they all look alike.

That brings me to another thing, where did this person get this information? The only thing I could find about ISIS doing something like this was from the National Report. Well if you do some digging on their site, you will find this wonderful nugget.

You see this is the danger of the internet. Right now there are tons of satirical news sites out there that are trying to trick people into clicking their stories. They hide the fact that they are not real news sites by putting up a disclaimer somewhere that is almost impossible to find. People need to use their head, if you have not heard of the site, check on Snopes or some of the other fact checking sites.

My Brother’s Website
It has only been a few years and we are still waiting for that first post from Adam

Pulp Fiction

This movie has been out for twenty years and watching it last night, I noticed something: Vincent Vega is wearing Gold Toe socks! I wear Gold Toe socks. I am like Vincent Vega. Minus the drugs, murder, love of British spy novels, and cool dance moves.

I think everyone should watch Jeopardy tonight. There will be a category dedicated to archaeology. I hope that I can run that one. Tomorrow is International Archaeology Day and this is just one way to honor such an awesome field of study.

Woodgrove Wolverines
My cousin Addison goes to Woodgrove High School in Virginia. My aunt recently posted a picture of my grandparents wearing their Woodgrove gear at a cheerleading competition. I was a little jealous and said that I wanted a shirt. My awesome Aunt Lori mailed me one a few days later. I think I look pretty damn awesome.

If you saw this picture on Facebook, you probably also saw all the comments about the open closet door. Deal with it. Anyways, I dig the colors of Woodgrove. My high school’s colors were blue and white, just like Penn State. So I never really got to experience a school with different colors. I know, it is a rough life I lead.

Nuclear Fusion
Did you read about Lockheed Martin announcing they think they have made a major breakthrough on nuclear fusion? It was all over the news the other day. This got me excited about the prospects of the future. It also made me a little sad.

If this is true and who knows if it is or not. But, for the sake of my post, let us pretend it is true. The one article I read said they started working on fusion because they wanted to expand because of less defense contracts in the coming years as the United States and European countries scale back defense spending.

How sad is that? Scientists have been working on fusion for decades with not much luck, but a defense contractor realizes that profits could be down in a few years and they are like “hey, let’s take a crack at this nearly limitless energy thing that we have been hearing people talk about.” Boom, a few years later, they have it licked.

I also had to laugh when I read the article because LM mentions that they are like 20 years from actually having a working reactor built. Again, if this breakthrough is true, I have a feeling that other companies will be on their heels very quickly and it will be much sooner than that before we see this tech somewhere.

Alright I think this is enough to keep you laughing for the day. Enjoy!