This Makes No Sense

Last week I went to the Social Security office and filled out the paperwork to get a new card. I lost mine a few years ago when I got pulled over, it fell out of my wallet when I gave the cop my license. Yes, I know you are not supposed to keep it in your wallet. I learned that lesson, thanks for warning me ahead of time.

When we left the office, Lindsey said “I wonder how they mail it to you? Seems like it would be easy to still someone’s identity, right?” To which I responded “they probably send it in an unmarked envelope.”

Well I was wrong. They send it in a white envelope that says Social Security Administration. That does not seem like a very secure method. What other things could they be sending? Social Security checks? Cards? That is about it, right? So if you are someone looking to steal identities…well I think you can see where this is going.

Here is what really makes no sense to me, they have security guards at the SSA building, they have secured floors that you cannot access without a code. Why not just print the card there or have it sent there and have me pick it up? That would make more sense.